• Corey Lofthus

Alesis Strike Multipad vs Roland SPD-SX

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Is the Alesis Strike Multipad better than the Roland SPD-SX? It's no secret that the Roland SPD-SX has been the industry standard for YEARS but since it's release in 2011 there have been no significant upgrades. Haters will say that the "Special Edition" was an upgrade but we all know it's the same gear in a fancy new red dress.

The ALESIS STRIKE MULTIPAD, however, has the technology and innovation expected in 2019! A large display, custom color LEDs on each pad, an 1/8" headphone jack (looking at you APPLE), all in sleek package. They basically say it's better than an SPD-SX in their sales copy- "PERFORM better, faster, with more creativity, versatility and capability than any other drum pad, anywhere."

So... does the Alesis Strike Multipad live up to the hype?

To find out we asked our friend Juan Hilton (@juanhiltonofficial) about his real world experience so far and here is what he had to say, "I love the feel of the pads in comparison to Roland’s SPD-SX, definitely a step up from Alesis..." and "The first impression I got from importing sounds was actually pretty impressive. The UI that's built into the system, I was able to navigate through the process pretty quickly and had access to my sounds on a USB drive instantly..." Juan continued to favor the Alesis based on it's display, sound quality, color LEDs, and inputs/outputs.

At the same price point it seems like a no brainer; the Strike Multipad is better. Will it take over as the industry standard? Only time will tell, but if Roland does not come out with a new version of their flagship sample pad any time soon they just may be overthrown.




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