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A Worship Drummers Christmas List

When it comes to gear, electric guitarist grab most of the attention, but drummers deserve to dream of sounds, tones, and gear as much as our 6-string friends! Check out our list of the "10 best gifts" for worship drummers that range from budget friendly stocking stuffers to that last big gift left under the tree.

1) Alesis Strike Multipad

Alesis recently released their first multipad drum for their Strike lineup and it looks to be a fitting rival for the roland SPD-SX. With a large visual display and customizable RGB lights the Strike Multipad looks fun, exciting, and SIMPLE to play. Importing Simple Drum Samples should be no problem via flash drive and this drum pad comes with lite versions of Protools and Ableton so you can be well on your way to running the whole show from behind your kit. You can get this new drum pad for $699

2) Salt Drums

Custom made drums with a personal touch! The perfect gift for a worship drummer because SALT drums will handcraft a kit just for you and your needs. Always getting complaints about your drums being too loud in a small room? Talk with Shawn about how to decrease the dBs without losing punch!

3) A & F Pancake Snare

Already have your dream kit but looking to add a unique sound to your pallet? Check out the Pancake Snare by A&F! Starting at $375 this snare was designed specifically to work with electronic drum loops so you know it will pair well with your SDS sounds and looks beautiful alongside any kit.

4) Dream Cymbals

Get some great sounding metal without the huge price tag- Dream Cymbals have a wide range of affordable cymbals to choose from. We are huge fans of the Dark Matter and RE-FX series for gifts because of their "outside of the box" approach and sound... it also doesn't hurt that you can find them on Amazon.

5) Big Fat Snare Drum

Transform your snare with the original Big Fat Snare Drum. At only $21 this one is a no brainer for yourself or a friend to help lay down those grooves that need a FAT back beat.

6) Drum Sticks

What to get the drummer who has everything? More sticks of course!! Find out what their go to stick is or get them our favorite: Steve Jordan Signature Series stick by Vic Firth

7) KZ AS10s

Great sounding In Ear Monitors are crucial for worship musicians today but not everyone can afford "professional" custom molded IEMs. Drummers- save your hearing and wallet with some KZ AS10s for well under $100. These universal fit in-ears will give you enough low end punch to inspire you and the clarity to help stay with the click!

8) Metronome App

Speaking of click...

The Tempo app for iOS and Android offers great settings and customizations. Take this app to the practice room or use it in set-list mode for Sunday morning services. Staying in time is our JOB as drummers and this tool will help keep you locked in.

9) Stocking StuffersCymbal felts, egg shakers, and drum keys are traditional stocking stuffers but also check out cymbal weights, cymbal sizzler, and moon gels if you need any more last minute small gift ideas.

10) Simple Drum Samples

You know we couldn't make a list without including our newly released drum samples designed for electronic drum pads like the Alesis Strike Multipad (the first item on this list!). We generally don't like to pick favorites but this time of year The Christmas Pack is definitely at the top of our list... and it's free! Share The Christmas Pack with your drummers this season!

Did we miss something on your list this season? Let us know by commenting below and maybe Santa will bring it to you this year!


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