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SDS-x is the easiest way to play drum samples live!

Available on iOS and iPadOS, SDS-x is a "nine pads" style drum pad app that lets you easily use samples alongside your drum kit. There is no more need to buy expensive hardware or waste time menu diving!

This full featured app comes with all of the sounds from our color packs and was created in collaboration with audiosymmetric (the maker of AutoPad).

SDS-x Default Kit
SDS-x Citrus Kit
SDS-x Full Pads
SDS-x Pad Editor
SDS-x Mixer
SDS-x Drag and Drop



  • SDS-x comes fully loaded with over 100 samples, each thoughtfully recorded and edited by Simple Drum Samples

  • Import your own sounds from the Files app to expand your sample library

  • Compatible file types: wav, mp3, aiff, and caf


  • Four FX types: delay and reverb (send), high pass and low pass filters (master)

  • Control pad levels and effects sends with the in-app mixer

  • Pads can be triggered with MIDI, so you can plug in a pad controller and play with sticks!

  • Full screen pads mode for improved experience on smaller devices

  • Hard pan option for metronome to run click and samples to FOH on separate channels


  • Includes a simple metronome with tap tempo


  • SDS-x has nine pads, each with two sample layers

  • Custom name and color for each pad

  • Control over sample pitch and level

  • Per pad controls for: pan, FX send, trigger mode, sample loop, mono/poly, mute group

  • Trigger modes: one-shot, gate, toggle

  • Velocity sensitivity option and controls


  • Use one of the 20 (and counting!) factory kits or easily make your own

  • Drag and drop samples from your in-app library onto a pad to load the sample

  • Intuitive XY pad for controlling FX parameters

  • Double tap and long press actions for most controls to speed up workflow


  • Share user kits via AirDrop, iMessage, and more

  • Audiobus 3 and IAA compatible. Play or sequence SDS-x alongside your other music apps!

"Very user friendly and it looks killer too!  Within only a few moments of using the app I could see how much potential it had."

-Sean Mcdonald, drummer for Matthew West

"This app is great because you can pull it right out of your pocket and tap an idea out with some great sounding samples in a rehearsal or in the studio. Simple Drum Samples have designed a great resource!!"

-Josh Ward, drummer for Austin French and

download on app store image.png